4 Prong 2.12 Ctw. Diamond Stud Earrings (G-I, SI2)

# 181896

4 Prong 2.12 Ctw. Diamond Stud Earrings (G-I, SI2)

# 181896

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Light Return is also known as brilliance or total brightness. It's the exceptional way diamonds reflect and refract light creating a luminous return of light to a viewer's eye that has made diamonds sought after for centuries. The white reflections in the optical brilliance images represent reflections of light. The more reflections and the more the symmetry of the reflections the better the optical brilliance and the brighter the diamond. Diamonds with Excellent light performance are brighter than 95% of the world's diamonds with the same color and clarity.

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Actual light performance 1
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The beautiful diamond stud earrings have been cut to maximize their brilliance and sparkle. These diamonds earrings come with two official GemPrint® light performance certificates (one for each diamond) entitling you to an insurance discount form dozens of insurers.

GEMPRINT is the world's most sophisticated, non-invasive, positive identification technology that records the unique optical “fingerprint” of each diamond. Just like a human fingerprint, every diamond has a unique GEMPRINT. Invented in 1976, this patented and proven technology has been used by the FBI and Canadian Government.

Recognized by most insurance companies as a safeguard for diamonds. A court accepted means of irrefutable evidence proving ownership and protecting your investment. When stolen jewelry is recovered, your diamond's GEMPRINT® can be identified.

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Gemprint ID 1: GN01-263478 | Gemprint ID 2: GN01-263479

Name 4 Prong 2.12 Ctw. Diamond Stud Earrings (G-I, SI2)
Stock Number 181896
Department Fashion
Type Diamond Stud
Sub Type 2.00ct. - 2.99ct.
Style 4-prong
Total Carat Weight 2.12

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